Welcome to the Viona Blu blog. This is where we let you know what we have been up to. If this is your first time on our site, let me start by telling you what Viona Blu is. The business was started by me and my sister, but almost our entire family is somehow involved in it.

Viona Blu was started in 2013, and in this post I thought I would take a look back and let you know why the business was established.  Me and my sister have always been very close and interested in fashion. I remember that many of our childhood games (and fights ;)) were somehow related to clothes. Our fondest memories are about making evening gowns out of bed covers and parading in front of our neighbours.

Handbags have however always played a special part in our lives, as we would receive second-hand bags from our grandmother and aunt.  They were initially used in play and later on at teenage parties. Even now, as we have grown up, the bags are still in use. These inherited handbags are very beautiful and have withstood time well.  There are many things associated with handbags; they have symbolic value and many feelings and memories are associated with them. They can be used to send signals about one’s own personality and values, but more than anything they are reliable partners that travel with us for decades at best.

For us, the idea of things passed on from mothers to daughters is included in every product that we make. Our range is not extensive, but it has permanence and does not become outdated.  Our range is a little like a walk-in closet, where trusty handbags, acquired over the years, sit in beautiful rows. We are always thinking about what kind of a bag would deserve a place in the contemporary range. We are fascinated by the quality-based thinking of traditional fashion houses. We want our products to carry the quality mark of traditional leather artisans, but our materials must also be ethical. We believe that in this world of mass culture, taking a step back is actually taking two steps forward. The value of a product lies in its lasting quality and the values that it represents. With these ideas, we want to create something lovely and luxurious.

It is wonderful that you have found your way onto our website! Have a lovely October! Talk to you soon!


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