Viona Blu was created with love for the handbag. Viona Blu is a confluence of sophisticated feminine design and sustainable development. Viona Blu is satisfied when things emit a sense of quality. The business is founded on respect for nature, a need for sustainability, and passion for design. An interest in fish skin leather, appreciation for the detailed work of master artisans, and the willingness to spend time to achieve the best result are the cornerstones of Viona Blu.  This is what we call The Nature of New Luxury; we think that a handbag is truly luxurious only when it has been designed and manufactured to be as durable as possible and with respect for nature. 

Every Viona Blu bag is made by professional leather artisans in Finland.




Ecological fish skin leather has been the main material of Viona Blu since the very beginning. Fish skin leather is always unique and always durable. Making fish skin leather is a process with several stages, but the end result is worth it. Fish skin is produced as a by-product of the food industry, and we mainly use salmon skin. Using fish skin leather has a long history closely associated with handicraft. This is a skill that we want to cherish.

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