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Unique fish leather

By-product from the food industry

Viona Blu is a Finnish fashion accessory brand founded in 2013 by two siblings. All Viona Blu products are handcrafted in Finland, and the brand has been a forerunner utilizing ecological fish leather in its products.


Viona Blu aims to challenge the perception of luxury. The company’s key values ​​are local production, craftsmanship, responsibility and sustainability. Viona Blu and its products last time, and therefore the collection is long-lasting and not renewed in fashion season cycles. The fish leather of Viona Blu bags comes from Iceland as a by-product of the food industry. Processing fish leather is a multistage process that requires comprehensive skillset from Finnish leather artisans.


But who is Viona Blu? She is a kind-hearted, reformist and courageous creative figure and a nature-loving imaginative woman in a world constrained by rules and prejudices. Women like her serve as an inspiration for Viona Blu brand.

Ecological fish skin leather has been the main material of Viona Blu since the very beginning. Fish skin leather is always unique and always durable. Making fish skin leather is a process with several stages, but the end result is worth it. Fish skin is produced as a by-product of the food industry, and we mainly use salmon skin. Using fish skin leather has a long history closely associated with handicraft. This is a skill that we want to cherish.



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