Care instructions

Viona Blu pieces are defined by craftsmanship and quality. All our products are made with carefully selected materials and should be handled with care for longer product life. 

Fish leather handbags:

* All Viona Blu handbags have been treated with thin protective coat. This is to protect the scale pockets.

* Cleaning should be done with a very lightly moistened cloth without any vigorous rubbing or scrubbing.

* Always use soft, continuous movements and always in the direction of the scales to avoid damaging them.

* Take care not to scratch the bag against abrasive surfaces

* Avoid contact with any materials that may transfer color pigments onto the leather

* Keep away from humidity

* When unused store in the felt pouch provided



* Use air tight container to store the earrings

* When not using keep your earrings in cool and dark.

* Avoid direct sunlight